The Bible says parents are like archers and children are like arrows. Parent, as an archer it’s your job to:

(1) Protect them in the quiver (home). After the assassination of her husband, Jacqueline Kennedy was asked if she planned to run for political office. “No,” she replied, “my major effort must be devoted to my children. If they turn out badly, nothing I could do in the public eye would have any meaning.” Our children are growing up in a generation where they can get drugs, buy weapons, meet a predator, engage in virtual sex, and do it all under your own roof via computer. That should alarm you! You say, “I figured it out; they will too.” No, “A child left to himself brings shame to his [parents]…Correct your son, and…he will give delight to your soul” (Pr 29:15–17 NKJV). But be careful. If your children view you as judgmental and joyless they’ll avoid you, then later explode like a time bomb. Build a home in which they can ask questions openly, get answers and form lifelong values. The word “warrior” means you must fight for them!

(2) Aim them in the right direction. “Train up a child in the way he should go” (Pr 22:6). Don’t overprotect them or you’ll choke their creativity, don’t sacrifice them for material things, and don’t impose your unfulfilled dreams on them. Help them to discover their talents and discern God’s plan for their life; then become their biggest cheerleader.

(3) Release them. It can be difficult letting go. But it’s easier when you know you’ve taught them the truth, they’re covered by prayer, and under God’s protection.

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